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Getting Started

  • Onboarding experience for new users and a reference point for existing users who want to explore the app's capabilities.


Company Registration

  • You will need to have a company registered before you can login the app.
  • To register a company
    • Tap on the Register on the Login Screen
    • Enter details for all the fields. You can register using only your phone number / email.
    • Tap on Register
    • Go back to the Login screen and login into the app using your valid credentials.

Setting Up your Organisation

Step 1 Create Product

  • To create product a product in AstraERP Mobile
    • Go to Invoice|Sales
    • Select Product|Services
    • Tap on the New Button in the top right corner of the page
    • Select Product type and complete the required field
    • Tap on Save
Product TypeSelect whether your product is a goods or service
Product NameIdentify the specific goods or service
Product are bought/sold inIndicate how the product is packaged
Quantities in PackageIf products are sold in boxes or packs, how many individual items make up a full box
Cost priceIndicate the amount you bought the product from the suppliers
Selling priceIndicate the amount you are going to sell the product to the final consumer

Step 2- Receive Stock.

  • A document indicating the stock a seller has purchased from supplier, its quantities and their prices. To create a Receive stock
    • Go to Invoice|Sales
    • Tap on Receive Stock
    • Tap on the New Button in the top right corner of the page.
    • Fill in the required details
    • Tap on Save
    • Post to Inventory
Date ReceivedSelect the date you bought the product from the suppliers. if you already have the stock and you are a first time user, please select the current date
VendorIndicate the supplier you bought the goods from. If you do not want to save the suppliers' information, please select Backlog Supplier
PaidIndicate whether you have paid for the goods or payment would be made later.
Payment AccountThere is a default payment account(Cash-in-hand) in the system. You can add more payments account in the Charts of Account
Add itemAdd the product you are purchasing from suppliers, its right quantities and cost prices

Step 3 Cash/Credit Sales

  • A financial transaction which confirms the supply of products between the seller and the customer.
  • To create Cash/Credit Sale
    • Go to Invoice|Sales
    • Select credit|cash sale
    • Click New Button in the right corner of the page
    • Fill in the required details
    • Add items
    • Click Process
    • Add payment details
    • Click Save

Running your business with ease