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Product Creation


Product is a broad term that refers to any tangible or intangible item (goods or services) that is created, or offered to meet a particular need in the market

How to create a product

To create a product

  • Select product on the left sidebar of the inventory module.
  • Select New Product
  • Complete the required fields and select Save Changes
General Information
Product typeWhether product is a goods or a service. Your choice will influence the package information.
DescriptionAdd any information related to the product you are creating.
Product CategoryAdd categories that will help you to group products that are related.
Track InventoryIndicate where you want to monitor and manage the quantities and value of your products.
Package/Variant Information
Reorder levelAdd the minimum quantity of a product that your business should have in stock before placing a new order.
Product PackageAdd how the product is packaged. How they are bought or sold, whether in boxes, cartons, single items etc.
Item LabelAdd how you want the product to be displayed. This will be included to the product name.

Uploading Products

If you already have a list of your products in XLSX format, you can upload them into AstraERP

  • Complete the Inventory Product Excel template
  • Navigate to inventory uploads in the left sidebar
  • Complete all the relavant fields:
    1. Income Account
    2. Cost of goods Account
    3. Inventory Asset Account
    4. Create Non Existing Packages
    5. Overide Existing Packages
    • Under the inventory uploads, select Product Upload
  • Click the Choose file to select the Excel file containing the data you want to upload
  • Click upload
  • You can choose to Skip or Override the packages

Note: After product upload, the "Successful list" will give provide you with the number of products that were uploaded. The :"Failed list" will furnish you with the products that were not successful. You will know the reason(s) for unsuccessful upload.

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