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Overview - Cash Transactions

  • The Cash Transactions feature in AstraERP allows users to manage and track cash movements such as transfers, withdrawals, and deposits. This module is essential for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring transparency in cash management. Below is a guide on how to use this feature effectively.

Components of Cash Transaction

  1. Transaction List View

    • This is the main view where all cash transactions are listed. Each transaction record includes details such as the transfer date, transaction type, counterparty, from account, to account, memo, and amount. Users can also perform actions like editing or deleting transactions from this view.

      Columns in the Transaction List:

      • Transfer Date: The date when the transaction occurred.
      • Transaction Type: Indicates whether the transaction is a cash transfer, withdrawal, or deposit.
      • Counterparty: The other party involved in the transaction.
      • From Account: The account from which cash is transferred or withdrawn.
      • To Account: The account to which cash is transferred or deposited.
      • Memo: A brief note or description of the transaction.
      • Amount: The monetary value of the transaction.
      • Actions: Options to edit or delete the transaction.
  2. Filters and Search

    • Search Keyword: A search bar to quickly find specific transactions by keywords.
    • Date Filters: Options to filter transactions by date range.
    • Transaction Type Filter: A dropdown to filter transactions by type (e.g., cash transfer, cash deposit).
  3. Buttons and Actions

    • Reload: Refreshes the list of transactions.
    • Clear: Clears the current filters and search criteria.
    • Add New: Opens a form to create a new cash transaction.
    • Edit (Pencil Icon): Opens the selected transaction for editing.
    • Delete (Trash Icon): Deletes the selected transaction.

How to Use the Cash Transactions Module

  1. Viewing Transactions

    • Navigate to the Cash Transactions module from the main menu.
    • Use the search bar to find specific transactions by entering keywords.
    • Apply date filters to view transactions within a specific time range.
    • Use the transaction type filter to narrow down the list by type.
  2. Adding a New Transaction

    • Click on the "Add New" button.
    • Fill in the transaction details in the form:
    • Transfer Date: Select the date of the transaction.
    • Transaction Type: Choose the type of transaction (cash transfer, withdrawal, or deposit).
    • Counterparty: Enter the name of the other party involved.
    • From Account: Select the account from which the cash is coming.
    • To Account: Select the account to which the cash is going.
    • Memo: Add a brief description or note about the transaction.
    • Amount: Enter the amount of money involved.
    • Click "Save" to add the transaction to the list.
  3. Editing a Transaction

    • In the transaction list, locate the transaction you want to edit.
    • Click the pencil icon (Edit) next to the transaction.
    • Update the transaction details in the form.
    • Click "Save" to apply the changes.
  4. Deleting a Transaction

    • In the transaction list, locate the transaction you want to delete.
    • Click the trash icon (Delete) next to the transaction.
    • Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Example Transactions

  • Cash Transfer: Moving funds from Cash-In-Hand to Zennit Bank.
  • Cash Deposit: Depositing owner's capital into Zennit Bank or Cash-In-Hand.
  • Cash Withdrawal: Withdrawing funds from Zennit Bank to Cash-In-Hand.

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