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Stock Receipt History

The stock receipt history is a record that track the historu of stock or inventory items as they are received into the business. It provides a chronologial account of when and how stock was received, including details such as quantities, dates and statuses of the purchase

Key Components of Stock Receipt History

  • Date: The exact date of each stock receipt event
  • Item Details:Information about the specific items received
  • Quantity Received: The number of units or items received in each transaction
  • Location: The physical location within the organisation where the stock was received, which is particularly important for businesses with mulitiple warehouses
  • ReceiptCode: The Serials numbers for traceability
  • Package Cost: The cost per unit of each item received. This is essential for calculating the total cost the received stock.
  • Total Cost: The total cost of the received stock, which is calculated by multiplying the quantity received by the package cost

How to view every stock received from Suppliers

  • Select Stock Receipt History
  • Choose a warehouse (If you have multiple locations)
  • Search by Date , Product, Purchase Status

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