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Pay Items

These are the individual components or element that makes up an employee's total compensation packages. These items encompass various types of payments, deductions and benefits that are included in an emplpyees payslip. Allowances, overtime, compensations, deductions and other payroll items can be set.

To create payroll items, On the payroll page,

  1. Select settings
  2. Select Payroll Items

**Please note, the system has default statutory pay item set already. You can add other pay item of the company.

  1. Complete required fields
PayItem TypeThe various types of payitems
Item NameThe name of the payitem
AmountThe amount give for the payitem
Item StatusIndentify if the payitem is active or inactive
Application ModeBased on the payitem amount specified, state if it is a norminal amount or a percentage
TaxableChecked if the payitem is taxable
DescriptionAdditional note to the payitem
Institutional Payroll ItemChecked to select the statutory institution of the payitem
  1. Select save and close

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