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Overview of Stock Adjustment

Stock adjustment, also known as inventory adjustment, is a process in inventory management where changes are made to the recorded quantity and value of items in a company's inventory. This adjustment can occur for various reasons and is essential for maintaining accurate and up-to-date inventory records.

How to adjust stock

  1. Navigate to stock adjustment
  2. Select New Stock Adjustment
  3. Select Date
  4. Select Adjustment Accounts
  5. Select Product
  6. Select Reason for adjustment
    • Broken Stock
    • Expired Stock
    • Stolen
    • Promotion
    • Internal Usage
    • Write-Offs
    • Write-On
    • Gifted Stock
    • Donation
    • New Stock
  7. Enter quantity of selected product you want to adjust
  8. Enter the cost price of the selected product
  9. Click Save

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