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Overview - Daily Sales Sheet

The daily sales sheet captures key sales data for each day, including the initial quantity in stock, quantity sold, amount sold. This sheet helps businesses maintain accurate sales records, streamline inventory management, and generate valuable insights for decision-making.

Steps to Use the Daily Sales Sheet

  1. Navigate to the Daily Sales Sheet Section
  2. Select Location and Date
  3. Record New Sales:Click the "Record Sales" button. This will open a new entry form where you can input sales data for that date.
  4. Add Sales Transactions: To add a sale, identify the product and enter the quantity to sell in the "Qty To Sell" field next to the desired product.
  5. Click the green "+" button in the "Action" column to record the sale.
  6. Repeat the process for other customers
  7. Close the page

Additional Actions

  1. View Detailed Records

  • Click the blue "View" button to see detailed sales records for a specific date. This will provide more granular information about each transaction.
  1. Generate Cash Sale

  • For each date, there is a "Generate Cash Sale" link. Click this link to create a cash sale entry for that day's sales transactions.
  1. Actions

  • Use the "Actions" dropdown menu for each date to access more options such as generating cash sale or deleting the sales records.

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