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Managing Client Balance

This refers to a summary of the financial records that indicate the amount of money owed to or byclients in a business context. This helps businesses track the financial relationshipsthey have with their clients and ensures accurate accounting of transactions.

How to check Client Balances

  1. Navigate to client balance on the left side bar
  2. Select Client Balance
  3. Click Customers/Suppliers/Others/All(This provides information of balances based on user selection)
  4. Search customer(This feature provides you financial records for individual customers)
  5. Click on client's name
  6. View client balance

Uploading Client Balances

  1. Complete the Astra Partners Excel template
  2. Create a chart of account with the name Customer Deposits and Account type: Current liability
  3. Select Upload under Suppliers/customers
  4. Click on Account Options
  5. Complete all required fields
  6. Choose file (the completed Excel template)
  7. Upload and Save

Tracking Additional Customer Deposits

  1. Go to Deposits
  2. Select New Bank/Cash Deposits
  3. Under the Deposit Account, Select Cash in Hand
  4. Select the client who is making the deposit to the company
  5. Account – Select Customer deposits (the one you created in the charts of accounts)
  6. Description (if any)
  7. Amount (Enter the amount of money the customer gave)
  8. Save the changes

Confirming Customer Deposits

  1. Click on the Client Balances,
  2. Click on Customers
  3. Search customers name
  4. Click on Customer’s name
  5. Print statement (if necessary)

Other Actions of Client Balance

  1. View client balances
  2. Filter balances(customers, suppliers, others, all, and date)
  3. Searching for customers
  4. Exporting balances
  5. Printing balances

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