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Employees are the individuals who works for an organisation or business and are compensated or paid for their labor or services.This allows you to record employees details, Eg. Name, SSNIT number, email etc.

To create employee, On the payroll page,

  1. Select Employees
  2. Select Add New
  3. Complete required fields
  4. Select save and close
  5. Checked if you want to add Bank Account Details of employees
First NameThe first name of the Employee
SurnameThe surname name of the Employee
Other NamesOthername of Employee if any
Mobile NameMobile number of the Employee
SSNIT NumberSocial Security and National Insurance Trust number of the Employee
National IDNational Identification of Employee
Email AddressEmail address of Eployee
Employee IDEmployee number of the Employee if any
StatusSpecify if Employee is Active, Exited, Suspended, Retired, Probation or decreased
CategorySpecify if Employee is a Senior Staff, Management or Junior Staff

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