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Overview - Stock Taking

This function involves physically verifying and reconciling the quantities of product present in a company's stock against the recorded quantities in the system.

Not taking stock regularly may lead to the following problems:

  • Stockouts (running out of items to sell)
  • Overstocking (having too many products on hand)
  • Deadstock (when your products become obsolete and cannot be sold)

Steps to follow Before, During and After Stock Taking

Before Stock Take (After counting physical product in your warehouse)

  • Navigate to Stock Taking
  • Select location (if you have multiple locations)
  • Select date
  • Click on New Stock Taking

During Stock taking (Before entering the physical quantities for all products)

  • Select all the Adjustments Accounts: a. Write-On Accounts b. Write-Off Accounts
  • Search Product
  • Enter Physical Quantity
  • Click Enter
  • Continue to enter the physical quantities of all products
  • Save.

After Stock Taking (After you have entered the physical quantities in the system)

  • Navigate to Stock taking page
  • Identify the recent stock-take
  • Click More
  • Select Adjust Stock
  • Click on More again
  • Select Effect Adjustment
  • Navigate to Inventory List to confirm if stock is updated

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