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Manufacturing Order

Overview - Manufacturing Order

This is used to plan, cordinate and control various aspects of the production process to ensure efficient and effective manufacturing operations.This feature helps you to outline the specific details and instructions required to produce a particular product in an organised manner.

Key Components and Functions of Manufacturing order.

1. Order Information:

  • Batch Number: A unique identifier for the Manufacturing Order
  • Memo: A brief information about the product being manufactured
  • Order Quantity: The quantity of the product to be manufactured.

Transfer to Location after Manufacturing?: This becomes necessary if you have set separate locations in the system that handles manufacturing and sales.

  • After completeting the Order information, the BOM page will open

2. Bill of Materials(BOM):

The Bill of Materials lists all the raw materials required to manufacture the final product. it specifies the quantities of each item needed to produce the order quantity.

How to add Bill of materials

  • Select product (raw material)
  • Add quantity needed
  • Select new line to add more product (raw materials)
  • Click Save

3. Post to Inventory

This is the last step to the manufacturing process. This updates the stock levels after the final product has gone through the manufacturing process. Steps to follow in the stage of the manufacturing process:

  • Set Manufacture Date
  • Set Expiry Date
  • Set Cost Price
  • Effect Manufacturing
### 4. Status Tracking:

Througout the manufacturing process, the MO's status is updated to reflect its progress. Status information include

  • In Progress - The "In Progress" status indicates that the manufacturing order has been initiated and the production process is currently ongoing.
  • Completed - The "Completed" status signifies that the manufacturing order has been fully processed and finished.

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