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Overview of Reports

These reports are crucial for effective inventory management, financial planning and decision making. Your reports are based on your DAILY SUMMARY. Do Remember To Run Your DAILY SUMMARY to have accurate reports. To know how to run daily summary, please click here

The system provides you with the following reports:

Profit and Loss Statements(P&L)This report provides summary of company's revenues, costs and expenses over a specific period. it calculates the profit or loss by subtracting expenses from revenue
Cash Flow StatementThe cash flow statement tracks the movement of cash into and out of the business over a specific period. It categorizes cash flows into operating, investing, and financing activities, helping to assess the company's liquidity
Balance SheetThis report presents a company's financial position at a specific point in time. It includes assets (such as inventory), liabilities, and shareholders' equity. The balance sheet helps to determine the company's financial health and net worth.
Sales Tax ReportThis report summarizes the sales tax collected from customers. It's important for ensuring compliance with tax regulations and submitting accurate tax returns.
Account Receivable ReportThis report lists outstanding invoices and the amounts owed by customers. It helps monitor and manage the collection of accounts receivable.
Account Payable ReportSimilar to accounts receivable, this report lists outstanding bills and the amounts owed to suppliers and creditors. It aids in managing and tracking payment obligations.
Daily Sales ReportThis report provides a breakdown of sales on a daily basis. It includes details such as the number of units sold, total sales revenue, and often categorizes sales by product or service.
Weekly Sales ReportA summary of sales activities and performance over a week, typically including comparisons to previous weeks.
Monthly Sales ReportThis report offers an overview of sales performance for an entire month, often including sales trends, targets, and comparisons to previous months.
Account Receivable Aging ReportThis report categorizes accounts receivable by the length of time outstanding. It helps identify overdue invoices and assess the effectiveness of the company's credit and collection policies

How to View Reports

  • Navigate to Reports
  • Click View Reports
  • Select the Report you want
  • Complete details in the side component
  • Click View Report (This will display the report you have selected)

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