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Inventory Journal Records


Record of the movement of inventory items in and out of the company's possession as well as any adjustments made to the inventory account. Inventory journal entries include purchases of stock, sales, stock adjustments, stock returns and all other inventory-related transactions.

View Records

  • Navigate to Inventory Journal
  • All journal records are updated automatically.

Filter Records

  • Product

  • Date

  • Entry Type

    • Sales
    • Purchase
    • Production item
    • Production Material
    • Purchase Order
    • Stock Upload
    • Stock Receipt
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Stock Taking
    • Inventory Transfer

Inventory Journal Reposting

There may be rare situations where transactions may not be posted in the inventory journal, consequently affecting your inventory reports. If you encounter situations like that,

  • Navigate to Inventory Journal
  • Click Inventory Journal Reposting (under the inventory journal records)
  • Select date range
  • Click Repost

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