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Recurring Sales

Recurring Invoice

This is an invoice that is sent to your customer in regular intervals of time.It can be created daily, monthly, weekly or a schedule can be workedout with the buyer.There is no change to the order information, customer information, product(s) ordered on the invoice itself.

How to create a recurring sale

  • Go to Credit/Cash Sale
  • Identify invoice you want to make recurring
  • Click more and select Make recurring
  • Complete all required fields
  • Process and Save. ###Alternatively
  • Go to recurring sale
  • Select New Recurring Sale
  • Complete all required fields
  • Process and save
  • After you create a recurring invoice, the next recurring invoice will be automatically generated over the period of ime set
  • Stop a recurring invoice if you no longer wish to generate it

Other Actions in the Recurring invoice

  • Filter Recurring Invoice
  • Edit Recurring Invoice
  • Printing Recurring Invoice
  • Send Recurring Invoice to clients
  • Deleting Recurring Invoices

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