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Overview - Customers/Suppliers

This page provides a detailed guide on how to manage clients, including customers and suppliers, within AstraERP. The provided interface allows users to add, edit, and organize client information efficiently.

General Buttons:

  • Print: Print the list of clients.
  • Export: Export the client list to a file (typically in Excel or CSV format).
  • Add New: Add a new client to the system.


  • Edit: Modify the client's details.
  • Locations: Manage the client's locations.
  • Add Sub Clients: Add sub-clients under the main client.
  • Merge: Combine two or more clients into one.
  • Delete: Remove the client from the system.

Detailed Steps for Common Actions

  1. Adding a New Client:

    • Click the Add New button.
    • Fill in the required fields such as name, category, email, and mobile number.
    • Select whether the client is a customer, supplier, or both.
    • Save the new client information.
  2. Editing Client Information:

    • Find the client you want to edit in the client list table.
    • Click the Edit button (pencil icon) next to the client's name.
    • Update the necessary information in the provided form.
    • Save the changes.
  3. Adding Sub Clients:

    • Click the More... button next to the client.
    • Select Add Sub Clients from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter the sub-client's details and associate them with the main client.
    • Save the sub-client information.
  4. Merging Clients:

    • Click the More... button next to one of the clients you want to merge.
    • Select Merge from the dropdown menu.
    • Choose the other client(s) to merge.
    • Confirm the merge action.
  5. Additional Tips

  • Filtering: Use the checkboxes to quickly filter the list to show only customers or suppliers, making it easier to manage large datasets.
  • Client Upload - Import client data from an external file in Excel format

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