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Add New Products/Packages

Editing product information

  1. Navigate to Product/Services
  2. All products are displayed
  3. Search product by entering the product name in the search keyword.
  4. Click on the blue pencil icon button
  5. User can edit any of the following information
    • Product name
    • Description
    • Product Category
    • Accounting Information (Sales Information; Purchase Information; Inventory Information)
  6. Save Changes

Adding new product package

  1. Navigate to Product/Services
  2. Search the product
  3. Click on the yellow plus icon button
  4. Complete all fields
  5. Save Changes

Converting Non-Trackable product to Trackable

  1. Navigate to Product/Services
  2. Identify the product you want to converting by searching
  3. Click on the grey double arrow icon
  4. Select (Yes) in the pop up

Merging Duplicate Products

  1. Navigate to Product/Service
  2. Search Product you want to merge into
  3. Click on the green rotating arrows
  4. Select Merge with
  5. Click Merge Products

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