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Overview - Manufacturing Estimations

  • The Manufacturing Estimations feature in AstraERP is designed to help businesses calculate and manage the costs associated with producing goods. This feature provides a detailed analysis of production costs, including materials, labor, overhead, and other expenses. It also allows businesses to estimate potential profits from the sale of manufactured products.

Key Components of Manufacturing Estimations

  1. Items to Produce
  • Displays the selected item for production and all other relevant information about that particular product
  1. Quantity to Produce
  • Displays the number of units you want to produce
  1. Bill of Materials
  • Displays the items required for production and all other relevant information of the selected raw material
  1. Overhead Cost
  • Displays all expenses that are not directly tied to the production of the finished product but are necessary for the overall operation of the manufacturing process.

Steps for Using Manufacturing Estimations

  1. Select the Product:
    • Use the dropdown menu under "Item to Produce" to select the product you want to manufacture.
  2. Enter Quantity:
    • In the "Qty to Produce" field, enter the quantity of the product you intend to manufacture.
  3. Add the Product:
    • Click the Add button to add the selected product and quantity to the list of items to produce.
  4. Review Items to Produce:
    • The added items will appear in the "Items to Produce" section. Review the details such as quantity, selling price, gross sales, material cost, overhead cost, total cost, and sales profit.
  5. Manage Overhead Costs:
    • If you need to override the configured costing information, check the "Override Configured Costing Info" box.
    • Enter the specific costs for machinery, labor, water, and electricity in the provided fields.
  6. Bill of Materials:
    • If you need to override the configured production bill of materials information, check the "Override Configured Production Bill of Materials Info" box.
    • Review the items required for production**.Ensure you have sufficient stock or determine the quantity that needs to be ordered.
  7. Finalize Estimation:
    • Review all the details provided in the "Items to Produce" and "Bill of Materials" sections to ensure accuracy.
    • Make necessary adjustments to quantities and costs as needed.
  8. Run Analysis

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